Where Industrial Meets Elegant

IronSpaces brings a totally different building experience. By utilizing an interior modular steel beam system and exterior steel clad insulated panels we provide a building envelope. It’s typically ready for you in 12 weeks. We can also help with the site preparation, foundation, well and septic system.

IronSpaces have an industrial modern design, the exposed black steel beams soar above you, while a wall of windows invites the natural landscape to pour in. The insulation performance is extremely high, so it’s a good starting point for a low carbon footprint.

What comes next is all up to you! Because the exterior walls fully support the structure, you can complete the interior yourself, truly making the space your own. You can work with our Building Concierge Group get access to our extensive network of suppliers to help on any or all aspects, or you can work with your own preferred contractors. 

Your space. Your rules.

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