Upper Salters Lake Retreats

Pristine Lakefront with Exceptional Views.

20 minutes from Bridgewater

1.5-2 acres lot sizes

150-200 ft of waterfront

West Facing

Lakefront – $95,000
Non-Lakefront with Lake Access – $29,900

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These pristine and unique lakefront lots feature large, mature trees with exceptional views. With unobstructed views over the lake, you can enjoy every red, orange, and pink sunset from your private dock. Whether swimming to the island or planning a family campfire on the shore, every moment promises cherished memories. With gently sloping terrain and flat building sites, you can strategically plan the perfect location for your four-season getaway. Envision spending weekends observing the changing seasons – skating on the lake in winter, enjoying fresh green leaves and songbirds in spring, indulging in summer lake fun, and admiring the burst of fall colors from your retreat. Upper Salters Lake Retreats offer the opportunity for your own personal waterfront hideaway.

Photo Credits to Nicole Holdershaw, Stephen O’Leary & Kori Levy

Top 5 Reasons to Upper Salters Lake Retreats

  1. Nature is unspoiled – this is the only development on the entire lake.
  2. Unbelievable sunsets.
  3. The Sound of the Giant Pines Moving as the Breeze comes off the Lake.
  4. The Tiny Purple Flowers that grow Beside the Shoreline every Spring.
  5. Access to miles and miles of recreational trails.

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